The biorhythm calculator

Would you like to know why you’re sometimes in top form, with everything you attempt seeming to work out? And why on other days, everything seems to go wrong no matter how hard you try?
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Here you have the option of calculating your own personal biorhythm. This is the “internal clock” that starts ticking the moment you’re born.

Take a break

If you want to adhere to your biorhythm, make sure to have individual phases of regeneration. This Is even more important if you feel like you’re underperforming. In this case, you shouldn’t put an excessive amount of strain on your body.

Make use of your good times and days! Don’t hesitate to postpone things you wanted to do but don’t have the strength. Life becomes much easier when you recognise that there is a time for everything.

Scientific foundation of biorhythm – the measurement is found in chronobiology. This field examines human time cycles scientifically, determining personal as well as common patterns and rhythms.


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