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Partner numbers can be found by using the Life Path, Destiny, or Expression numbers, but any of the number combinations can be used, including the Personality, Karmic, or Soul numbers.

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Below is an overview of relationship compatibility using partner numbers.

In one-on-one relationships, some couples find that they have little in common or that their union is a constant struggle, while others realize tranquility together, even when they disagree. With numerology, partner numbers can be used to determine if a relationship will be compatible, or if there may be difficulty.

The use of partner numbers can also help to improve and strengthen a relationship and lead to greater understanding and cooperation.

How to calculate Partner Numbers

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
a b c d e f g h i
j k l m n o p q r
s t u v w x y z  

Use Individual Destiny numbers to calculate your partner numbers. For example:

Sue Jones: 1 + 3 + 5 + 1 + 6 + 5 + 5 + 1 = 27 = 9
Mark Hall: 4 + 1 + 9 + 2 + 8 + 1 + 3 + 3 = 31 = 4

The partner number for the above couple is found by adding the two Individual Destiny numbers and then summing the resulting digits: 9 + 4 = 13, 1 + 3 = 4.

Numerology relationships

One and one

This is a relationship of strong personalities, for ones value independence and each may attempt to "one-up" the other. The competition between them can be strong, as both are natural leaders and neither likes to concede their individuality. This relationship will have many challenges, but a one paired with a one brings understanding and acceptance, as no one understands a one as well as another one. This pairing will never become dull.

One and two

This is a union of opposites. The relationship is also not one of equals, for the two is usually financially dependent on the one. The one will live up to this role, for ones like to lead, and the two will provide the emotional support in the union. As long as the one gives attention to the two and the two realizes that the one needs to lead, this relationship can survive.

One and three

This can be a highly-charged but beneficial pairing, for both the one and three are outgoing and enjoy being together. The three comes up with good ideas and the one puts the ideas into motion. The three also provides the one with approval and admiration, on which the one thrives. This relationship can work well in business, love or friendship as long as both one and three realize that neither of them respond well to criticism. 

One and four

In this relationship, ones can be less than enthusiastic about the four's push for control, and the one's need to "get it done yesterday" can cause spark the four’s resentment. This is a difficult pairing, and will be a constant tug-of-war, for neither likes to concede. But, if the couple can learn to compromise and allow each other room to use their strengths, the relationship can be lasting and strong.

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One and five

Both ones and fives need independence and the freedom to be themselves. Each can become so consumed by their own pursuits that the relationship may grow into one of "ships passing in the night." However, when they finally make time for each other, it can be very intoxicating and stimulating. This pairing can be long-lasting if each relinquishes the need to dominate and control the other. 

One and six

Sixes are caretakers and have a need to nurture and protect, to "mother" a significant other, while ones crave freedom, autonomy, and independence. However, both sixes and ones have qualities that lead to great money-making potential, and their combined creativity and strengths can lead to financial success and prosperity. In a romantic relationship, the differences may be too much to overcome, but this is a great pairing for business partnerships. 

One and seven

Sevens are analytical thinkers and can offer advice and wisdom to ones, and ones can provide motivation and inspiration that impels the seven to take action and achieve goals. Romantically, this couple is a no-starter from the beginning, for neither ones nor sevens will be possessed of sufficient desire or attraction to push the relationship forward. Their personalities mesh well, however, so this is a good pairing for close friends. 

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One and eight

Ones and eights are both driven by power, and in a romantic partnership, neither will be willing to take on a more submissive role. A battle of wills could become the basis of their union, and because neither would be willing to concede, the relationship would likely be dissolved. However, because eights are status-oriented and aspire to be seen as successful, while ones are born to lead, a business partnership would be beneficial for both. 

One and nine

This partnership could be symbiotic, for nines are selfless and giving, which would provide a perfect backdrop and contrast to driven, pioneering ones. Nines, ever understanding and supportive, would allow ones a full range of freedom and autonomy, while ones would welcome the nonjudgmental acceptance of nines. The one major drawback to this romantic pairing would be nines feeling rejected by ones' assertiveness and self-absorption.

Two and two

Twos are adaptive, cooperative, considerate of others, and in matters of conflict, earnestly work together to find a solution. In a romantic or business relationship, they would need to remember that both are deeply sensitive, and can find insult where none is intended. Because both aspire to mutual respect and consideration and consider mediation a worthy goal, any problem they encounter could be successfully resolved.

Two and three

This relationship would be complementary as a romance, friendship, or business partnership. Threes are usually gregarious and outgoing, like to be the center of attention, and enjoy expressing themselves physically and verbally. The introverted twos are content to provide a necessary audience while offering a stabilizing, relaxing contrast to the sometimes chaotic lives of threes. When threes tire of the spotlight and need emotional nourishment, twos are there to provide it.

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Two and four

Twos and fours relate to others in similar ways, and can form a romantic or professional relationship based on reliability, steadfastness, and security. Twos thrive on partnership and cooperation, and fours need the stability and comfort of an ordered environment to function. Though a romantic relationship between twos and fours may not produce sparks, there will be a secure bond that can endure for years to come.

Two and five

Even with great effort, relationships between twos and fives, whether romantic or professional, come with difficulties. While twos place high importance on strong relationship bonds and seek an environment in which they can give and receive love, fives require room to roam and freedom to chase the moment. If the chemistry between this pair is sufficient to overcome their opposite styles of loving, their mutual respect can be the glue that binds them.

Two and six

This pair could form strong, solid romantic ties, for they share similarities in expectations of partnership. Sixes are responsible, protecting, nurturing, and sympathetic, and twos are cooperative, adaptable, and considerate of others. Both twos and sixes also value steadfastness and stability. A problem may arise when the practical approach of the six hurts the feelings of the sensitive two. Otherwise, this relationship can provide each with the security they both crave.

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Two and seven

In this relationship, similarities and differences can allow the bond to grow, or break apart. Sevens can be distant and often require "alone" time in which to think and analyze, while twos need sharing and togetherness. If sevens can use their analytical abilities to recognize the emotional needs of twos and if twos can cede space so that sevens can receive emotional downtime, this relationship can be beneficial to both.

Two and eight

Eights value an outward demonstration of success and material gain, while twos like being the caretaker of the family and "keeping the home fires burning." This could be an ideal relationship if they fulfill their natural male/female roles, which is the archetype of the nuclear family. If this pairing finds difficulty, it will be in the reversal of roles where the male is forced to maintain the home and offer nurturing while the female provides the income.

Two and nine

Nines and twos share a giving nature and concern for their fellow man, but the manner in which these qualities manifest can cause problems in a relationship between them. While twos offer an intimate, "hands-on” expression of love that centers on the family, nines provide an expansive love that encompasses all mankind. In a romantic relationship, twos may find that nines are too distracted with "saving the world" to provide the attention and dedication that they require.

Three and three

This relationship can be exciting and exhilarating, as both are creative in verbal and physical expression and share a love of the arts. However, there may be difficulty in attending to day-to-day matters, for neither is good at taking care of practical functions. For this pairing to succeed, one or both has to decide who will manage the daily details of life.

Three and four

Fours are dedicated to continual service that leads to steady growth, while threes are spontaneous and see enjoyment of life as a goal. Fours are masters at ordering their environment, and expect the same of others. Threes make few plans, wait to see what the day brings, and hope for the best. This relationship could work, for one could provide a symbiotic balance for the other, however, there will be difficulty.

Three and five

Socially, this relationship will be a positive one, since both threes and fives are interested in the arts, outgoing, creative, and love to travel and entertain. They will usually enjoy these activities together. However, neither is interested in the management of practical matters that make everyday existence run smoothly. For this union to succeed, one of the two must decide who will be responsible for the mundane details of life.

Three and six

This is a complementary relationship, for sixes are sympathetic and protective and like to nurture loved ones, and threes need the balance and stability that this union would provide. Also, sixes can offer motivational support when threes are working on new ideas and endeavors. All in all, this relationship could survive as long as sixes allow the threes their freedom and threes accept that sixes are not ideal partners for constant social activities.

Three and seven

Without adjustments, this relationship could be a difficult one, for threes and sevens are almost polar opposites. While threes are sociable and like to be part of the crowd, sevens are introverts and prefer nothing more than being alone to read or simply reflect. Compromise could make this union successful, if threes understand that sevens require solitude in large doses, and sevens allow threes their time in the spotlight.

Three and eight

Eights are status-oriented, thrive on goals, and need to demonstrate material accomplishments, while threes live in the moment and are not interested in worldly gain. Threes also require attention and eights may be too distracted by the pursuit of outside endeavors to fulfill that need. This pairing is not promising, but could work if eights allow themselves to relax and have fun sometimes, and threes learn to accept that eights are never more satisfied than when pursuing success.

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Three and nine

This is a relationship that requires little effort in order to succeed, for threes and nines have a lot in common. Both are creative, outgoing, sociable and interested in the arts and humanitarian undertakings. Nines can also become willing teachers to threes who are always open to new thoughts and ideas. As long as they allow each other moments to shine, this relationship can be beneficial.

Four and four

This relationship would be a union of strong and steady equals. Fours insist on order and stability, and are accustomed to growth after limitation. Both are aware of what it takes to claim success, and remain constantly dedicated to building a strong foundation from which to pursue their endeavors. Two fours together would only double their efforts and combine in determination to make this pairing a solid one.

Four and five

This relationship could present a challenge, for the emotional needs are so dissimilar. Fours need order, stability, and security, while fives focus on social undertakings and live in an eternal search for adventure. Compromise can be reached, however, if the two decide that the relationship is important enough to attempt a workable solution. 

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Four and six

This is a relationship of traditional equals, for they share similar ideals about life and what a relationship entails. Both thrive on security and stability, and would work to maintain a positive home environment for their loved ones. However, problems could occur due to lack of compromise, as entrenchment of personal beliefs may be an issue for both. Otherwise, this is a good pairing for a lasting union.

Four and seven

Fours work constantly toward steady prosperity, and are dedicated to providing security for their loved ones. In a relationship with an introverted seven, the four would take care of practical affairs while the seven maintained the home. This relationship would not be one stoked by passion, but would contain sufficient amounts of loyalty and affection.

Four and eight

This relationship is a promising one, for fours and eights share similarities in ideals centered around home, family, security, and financial stability. This is a good pairing for business, friendship, or romance. The couple would have to plan time together, as each would be so engrossed in outside activities that the relationship may take a backseat to other priorities. This would be a satisfactory union.

Four and nine

This is a difficult pairing, due to lack of common ideas on how goals should be met. Even compromise may fail to sustain the relationship, for the needs of each are similar, yet so different. Fours see life as one of duty, responsibility, and service, and though nines also value responsibility and service, their range of operation encompasses the world and is not restricted to home and family. All in all, chances are this would not be a successful pairing.

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Five and five

None other than a five could fully appreciate the five's need to explore, to break restrictive bonds, and engage in a continual search for adventure. Fives, above all others, would make ideal partners for other fives, and together would spend time in social pursuits and seeking out new activities. The only problem would be in deciding who would manage practical day-to-day affairs, for neither would be apt to take on this role. Otherwise, this is an exciting union.

Five and six

This relationship may not be the most enduring, due to opposing beliefs about what a relationship means. The problem is obvious from the beginning -- fives seek freedom and sixes seek close companionship. If a compromise can be reached to bridge the divide between what each require in a relationship, they could probably find sufficient common ground to make it work.

Five and seven

Sevens require time alone, while fives seek the spotlight, and there seems to be no intersection of compatibility in this union. Though the relationship could develop into one of mutual understanding and respect, their needs are so divergent that the couple runs the risk of losing emotional contact with each other even if they live under the same roof. This union would work well professionally or platonically.

Five and eight

Eights strive for control in all matters, and to them, the pursuit of monetary goals is paramount, while fives value freedom from restriction, and money is, at best, a secondary consideration. For these reasons, a relationship between the two will be challenging to sustain. If the eight could learn to release the five to pursue necessary social outlets, and the five could understand that the eight's passion is to conquer and achieve, this union could survive.

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Five and nine

Fives are adventurous and possess a love of learning and a need to be free to explore their world. Nines are eager and accommodating, and live their lives in service of others. Both are social beings and are creative and expansive. This pairing could work, for their needs and goals converge more often than not. Problems could arise unless one or both makes sure to attend to the practical matters of living.

Six and six

This is a union of "twins," which produces shared goals and needs. Sixes are nurturing, dedicated, caring, and committed to family life, and two sixes will unite in achieving these ends. For this pair, there is no lack of passion and romance, for both will recognize and fulfill the desire of the other for closeness and shared activities.

Six and seven

This relationship could produce hardship from the outset, for the social and romantic needs of sixes and sevens are incompatible. Sixes require a partner who is available for "togetherness," while sevens prefer mostly solitude. If the two can compromise to share time equitably, and with a willingness to appreciate the needs of the other, this pairing could be a workable one.

Six and eight

There is opportunity for success in this relationship. Eights seek status and financial gain and all that it offers, and sixes value stability and are dedicated to securing a comfortable home. Together, this couple will work to improve their station in life while maintaining a secure home base. Difficulty might occur if sixes begin to feel unloved due to eights’ focus on outside interests. All in all, this can be a good combination. 

Six and nine

This relationship may not be the most passionate, but can be one of respect and compromise. Sixes and nines share the need to protect and nurture others -- the focus of sixes is on home and family, while nines focus on broad-based world issues. Nines are loyal and dedicated, and this trait will gain the admiration of sixes, who can understand commitment to others and seeking to make their lives better. This pairing is a good one.

Seven and seven

No one understands a seven better than another seven, so this relationship has promise from the beginning. Both are introverted homebodies who like nothing better than curling up with a good book or spending time alone. With this coupling, the pair would spend time “alone together," though probably in separate rooms. The only problem they may encounter is a lack of communication, which could cause strain between them. Otherwise, this is a good combination.

Seven and eight

Due to differences too great to overcome, this relationship may prove to be too challenging to maintain. Eights can appreciate sevens' ability to think things through before action, and sevens can find commonality with eights in professional settings or in a good friendship. Unfortunately, though, this pairing may fail due to eights’ control issues and the couple's inability to ignite sufficient passion to maintain a romantic relationship. 

Seven and nine

This relationship can be beneficial spiritually if centered around common beliefs. Sevens are thoughtful and introverted, with strong spiritual underpinnings, while nines are humanitarians with a broad-based focus on making the world a better place to live. The two can come together in agreement and work for common goals if these views are aligned; however, if their spiritual beliefs diverge in opposite directions, problems may arise.

Eight and eight

This "twin" combination can produce a "power couple" driven by accomplishments and success, and their efforts will be substantial. Passion defines their union in both romance and business, for their outlooks are similar. The only drawback could be that they are so caught up in outside commitments that they forget to make time for each other. This relationship is a strong and positive one, however, and can survive adversity. 

Eight and nine

Motivation is the key to this relationship, but the motivation is often spurred by different goals. Eights seek power and apply their efforts toward achieving material success and attaining status, while nines pour their energies into helping others at a universal level. However, they may be able to overcome the difficulty of dissimilar outlooks if they allow each other room to pursue their diverse objectives. This relationship is an inspirational combination. 

Nine and nine

Nines are selfless, creative intellectuals dedicated to making the world a better place. This pairing is usually bound by a deep soul connection that can build a strong relationship that endures for a lifetime. Because they share the same partner number, they work toward common goals and can understand each other without explanation. This is a good partnership for romance, business, or friendship, or a combination of each.


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